Orchard Visit

Ever been to an orchard early in the morning? We can surely tell you that it is a breath-taking unforgettable experience with fresh morning breeze rejuvenating you and golden hue of the sunrise over the trees bringing to you an indescribable solace.If you're in historic Lucknow during your summer holidays, we invite you for a memorable experience at the Orchard visit, an event that is a part of Lucknow’s calendar now- the Mango Festival. An intrinsic part of the aforementioned festival is to connect consumers to farmers and give people the opportunity to be support them. Buying fruits from a shop can be annoying especially when you're paying a hefty price for quality that doesn't meet your standards. Have you ever wondered what fresh fruit tastes like, especially when it's been handpicked for you and untouched by middle-men and corporations?

We would like to make you a part of this unique eco-tourism, agribusiness humanitarian driven experience, full of fun and frolic, to make you aware of our own national assets so that you can be immensely proud as a citizen. The objective of this mango festival is firstly to give you access to the farm fresh mangoes and more importantly to make you aware of the tremendous benefits of purchasing fruit directly from farmers. Our aim behind organizing an orchard visit is to promote eco and agricultural tourism in Lucknow, to give youth, in particular, a unique biodiversity experience and to educate them about the benefits of authentic farm fresh mangoes including its taste, size, aroma and shape. Here are the facilities that we will be offering to our esteemed guests to make their visit momentous-
1) We will be providing our guests with fresh drinks made purely from mangoes, which will be free from preservatives, artificial colours and chemicals, leaving them with the opportunity to savour the natural blissful flavours of nature and other locally grown natural produce with substantial health benefits.
2) All guests go on a mango orchard tour where we will brief our visitors about organic and natural farming, the exotic varieties of mangoes, other fruits and natural herbs that are grown in our soil.
3) A mango eating competition will be held, open to all mango lovers, with rewards for the winners and we’ll ensure you go home with a satiated tummy.
4) The trip includes a short tour to an ancient temple for our guests and to add more fun to it, those interested can commute by a tractor.
5) Special farm fresh refreshments with a local flavour will be provided for all guests to make sure that they beat the heat and don’t miss the fun. More fun activities at the Mango Festival Orchard Visit include- 1) Our visitors can avail the ATV and camel ride facilities at a nominal fee. 2) Tube well bathing or mud race - optional for the guests to participate. 3) There will be arrangements for lunch for all our guests. 4) We have also accommodated a shopping spree for all our visitors where they will get the opportunity to buy beautiful local handicrafts and products.

The visit would be held at Abbasi's Orchard Kakori.
Timings and Dates:

  • 17th June, 2018 (Sunday): 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Includes Brunch/Breakfast)
    Abbasi Orchard, New Durgaganj Chauraha, Kakori, District Lucknow.


  • Mango Eating Competition
  • Orchard walks
  • Tractor rides
  • Ready-made mango chutney/ pickle competition
  • Story telling
  • Horse/camel rides
  • Two legged race
  • Tug of war & Many other activities.

    All this will be followed by a delicious Brunch or Breakfast
    Visitors need to pay

  • Rs. 300/- For Children. Free for kids below 5 years.
  • Rs. 400/- For Vegetarians.
  • Rs. 500/- For Non-Vegetarians.
    Bus transport facility provided from UP tourism office/fun republic inclusive of the above amount paid.
  • Ayush Vardhan Singh: 09005555528
  • Mango Sales Team: 07317477232
    Do let your friends know where you heading to this summer