Chex cereal arranged in a diamond on a spoon with and organized Chex pieces pattern underneath

Chex Cereal

Meet the simple little squares that bring a whole lotta joy.
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Memorable moments for the whole family

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of Chex™ Mix for the holidays or packing lunch for the kids, Chex offers a world of possibility in every box. No artificial flavors. No high fructose corn syrup. No kidding.

It’s a cereal, a snack, a pantry staple and memory-maker. From cult-classics to surprising delights, choose from nine flavors, including gluten-free options.
Legendary Recipes

Original Chex™ Party Mix

Tested through time, just 15 minutes to make. Discover the iconic Chex recipes that’ll be a hit anytime, anywhere.

Chex Legendary Muddy Buddies

This deliciously sweet snack mix doubles up on chocolate and peanut butter flavors.