Awadh Mango Growers Association

Awadh Mango Growers Association is an organisation formed for the promotion of Mangoes and for the benefit of Mango Farmers in Uttar Pradesh. We started Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival and have been organising the festival annually every June since 2013.

In 2016 Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival was put on the Calendar for Uttar Pradesh Tourism and Awadh Mango Growers Association and the founder Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah are a member of the organizing committee. This festival has been organised in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Government with the Tourism and Horticultural Departments and spearheaded by Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah founder of Awadh Mango Growers Associated from Habibullah Estate Orchards and Madhvendra Deo Singh, the convenor of the festival.

For the first time we have brought all the government departments together for this eco tourism agribusiness initiative and connected corporates and community too.

This year’s event will include an orchard visit, mangoes on sale online and the festival in Lucknow. There will be a display of over 700 varieties of Mangoes as well as sale of Mangoes from small farmers across Uttar Pradesh with rare varieties on sale as well as Mango products from self help groups too. The event has grown to include interactive events related to Mangoes with contests, Story Telling, Eco Friendly events - including craft from waste, Cultural performances,Mango Eating Competition etc. The event includes Mango food festival, Cooking competition, family contests,Farmers market and Craft bazaar for the benefit of artisans to promote locally made goods.

Baank-e-loom Activities 2017 Link to the video of the festival at the orchard earlier
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Pictures of UP Mango Festival 2017