A blueberry Larabar in its package on top of a fruit basket full of blueberries


Simple. Pure. Delicious. Our convenient snacks are made from just a few organic, whole ingredients. 
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Raising the bar.

In 2000, Lara Merriken had an idea for a healthier, natural snack bar. But simply making a better bar wasn’t enough. Today, Larabar uses its platform to empower real change-makers and innovators.

We make real food for your body, mind and spirit. Check out our whole lineup of products and find your new favorite flavor. 
More about Larabar
  • Any diet or lifestyle

    Simple ingredients make Larabar a great snack option for plenty of diets and lifestyles. 

  • Raise a bar to real people 

    Larabar is dedicated to highlighting and empowering real innovators and change-makers.